The Love Vultures are unashamedly a party band and are happy getting 5, 50 or even 500 people up on their feet to  have a great time. The music is important to us though and we can be soulful and mellow at the appropriate times.

Right at the front we have the fantastic voices of Helen Darby and Charlie Lewis on Lead Vocals. They like to entertain in the widest sense of the word, mixing music with cabaret and, frankly, a dash of French farce.

In the middle we have the driving rhythms of Roger Holmes and Alan Teece on guitar and keyboards keeping things on track and funky with a twist of lemon when needed.

Back in the engine room we have Mike Devine on Bass and Fraser McAllister on drums making sure everything is tight, ship shape and frankly Bristol fashion.

This is all complemented by our own Stax horns Roger 'Junior' Burns and Dave Richardson on sax and trumpet respectively

When the need arises we bring our very own DJ Top Rank who will spin the vinyl till the early hours